A poet is a warrior


She got stuck while trying to stay out of the riddle
Her wishes, her hopes, her everything is trapped there in the middle.
To speak out, or write down – she already told all the stories
Yet, she keeps it simple, no glamour, no riches, no glory.
Still, when a loner keeps pace on his road only with his traces left behind
To learn from his lessons, and trust no one he should have in mind.
Life is a hard road to take if you don’t have good shoes on
Once you allow yourself to think you have it all, it could all be gone.
She learned a lot, and yet she still has the will to fight
Only now, she is ready to conquer, she wants this time a bigger bite.
Roulette might be dangerous, but so as chess if you don’t know the rules
But a poet knows those thinking to know a lot are the biggest fools.

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