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I am graduated philologist of English and German language, but writing is my passion since my early ages. With 20 years I published my first novel "Up to the heaven and back" online. Two years later I found myself more in verses, finding poetry for me to be bigger writing passion than prose.

To write, or not to write…

I am a writer, or at least I consider my self to be one. I have bublished one online book, I have my blog, and I have published 2 printed editions into my mother tongue. Hmm, saying this, I guess I am one.

But being a writer is somethimes very dificult thing. Last night I was staring in the lap top for hours and managed to write 2 more sentences, and delete previous two. I was like: what is the problem with me? Why doesn’t it flow like a river?

Then I got a revalation. To write, you need to prepare your head. All I was doing in the last period, last weeks, I was here and there but never down in my head, focused on a idea. And it is easy if you have one. The problem is I still do not have one.

So what does writing means? Writing means that you have to stay focused on the act of writing even when you are not doing that, you need to think about writing itself, you need to be relaxed, you need to know what you want, and what the audience would want, and you must manage find the thin line between both. Writing means that you have to lose yourself. You cannot expect be as affective in your other obligations and still be effective in writing, because writing makes your head float in the clouds.

Writing is however, what I want to do with all my peaces of my body. Maybe having expectations makes an additional preassure.

So, here is a plan: relax, focus, think, get an idea, make a concept, and then WRITE!

Untill the next reading,
your Sage unknown.


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There is always a chance to get back on track

Dear bloggers,

it has been a while since I was gone. I was writing in my mother tongue only, but here I am wanting to get back on track with my articles and verses in English language.

In life we live all sorts of staff. We go through everything every day. Today I would like to express my apology to you, who have been supporting me over the years I have been active on this blog. I hope you’ll be kind to forgive me for the pause and let us support us mutually and share our best thoughts.

The title of the article is not only connected to the “getting back on the blog”, but also to the “getting back on track in life”. I have been (as many) through rough times in life, disappointments, periods where you feel like your live cuts you off all the possibilities etc. but, most of the times, even all of the times, it has been shown that those moments exist to make you a stronger person, to change you, to make you being adjustable to the life that comes ahead.

Yesterday I wrote some lines that I try to get into my head since it is easier to say something than to apply it on yourself. I wrote:

Everything happens at a certain time
with its “why” and “because of”,
that is just invisible
since we are blinded
by our personal ideas for the same…

What I wanted to say here is that the periods that make us stronger are actually because of us idealizing what happens to us, and once we are in touch with the reality (at a certain moment) we fall apart. The moment we are falling apart we have to understand that everything happens at a certain time for a certain reason, and life is not against us, it is just the illusion we had that blurs our mind and sight.

Every moment that leads us to falling apart makes us be reborn again once we feel the pain of removing the upper skin (the illusion) there is a new dress coming up making us ready for party. It is just that we have to understand that at certain time we have to let the skin removal be painful for some greater reason.

Stay cool until the next reading…

Lots of love
The sage unknow

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Buy for 0.00 $

Dear bloggers,

from tomorrow on, 7 days in a raw you can buy my novel Up to the heaven and back for 0.00$ (Kindle edition) here.


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Play of the day

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Play of the day

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Life goals


When the autumn dresses the favourite yellow clothing

her thoughts start somehow in her head floating;

to complete here life goals she never gave up

she was thinking about them over every coffee cup.


Life tests the will of a man now and then

either nothing happens or all of a sudden,

but one thing one should carry always with him

it’s to believe in miracles and coming true of a dreams.

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Reality escape


From time to time when you feel life is all the same

she wanted to be from some special one tamed;

She wanted to be held firm in that someone’s arms

to erase all her wounds, all her past harms.


But that special someone hasn’t yet arrived in her life

she was far from becoming someone’s wife;

So she tried to do an old trick that use to work for her

To dive in poetry and verses is the best solution for sure.

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My make up


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Play of the day

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About hope


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