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I am graduated philologist of English and German language, but writing is my passion since my early ages. With 20 years I published my first novel "Up to the heaven and back" online. Two years later I found myself more in verses, finding poetry for me to be bigger writing passion than prose.

My country needs help – the world needs to know the truth!

Dear friends,
Dear bloggers,

This post is not connected to the subjects I usually write about, but I would like to have your attention.

We all know that media’s news are mostly not really relevant, so I decided to share the truth on my blog. For that I would share some links that explain the serious situation in my country, that desperately needs any kind of support, but most of all moral, from any individual, state, intellectual or anyone who understands what basic human rights are! Please share the truth, and don’t trust anyone who tells you that Republic of Macedonia changed its name into North Macedonia, neither that we are North-Macedonians. We have illegitimate government which with the help of great forces, makes pressure on us, the Macedonians, to change our history, our name, to change our identity, to be a new creation, people that happen to be within some borders that was given a new name on 17.06.2018, that come from nowhere, have no past, BUT is promised some future that is likely to start somewhere after 2030 in EU. I mentioned the basic human rights because with this international agreement that is against many international and internal law procedures we will be punished every time we mention the subject Macedonian within our borders, by the first party of the contract, and here I refer to the freedom of speech!

Here is a short story:

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Play of the day

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Play of the day

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Life goals


When the autumn dresses the favourite yellow clothing

her thoughts start somehow in her head floating;

to complete here life goals she never gave up

she was thinking about them over every coffee cup.


Life tests the will of a man now and then

either nothing happens or all of a sudden,

but one thing one should carry always with him

it’s to believe in miracles and coming true of a dreams.

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Reality escape


From time to time when you feel life is all the same

she wanted to be from some special one tamed;

She wanted to be held firm in that someone’s arms

to erase all her wounds, all her past harms.


But that special someone hasn’t yet arrived in her life

she was far from becoming someone’s wife;

So she tried to do an old trick that use to work for her

To dive in poetry and verses is the best solution for sure.

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My make up


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Play of the day

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About hope


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Twin flames’ destiny


She was in her room standing there and staring

for new love and new beginnings to think she was daring,

but there was part of her not wanting to accept the news

that part of her was constantly in a state of sad blues.


Once when a man or a woman finds his shadow on this earth

it is a mission complete they have set since birth

it is impossible to break a twin flames’ bound

once the two souls have each other found.


And yet she was in a rather desperate state

to have her wish fulfilled she lacked her faith,

her twin flame seem to have chosen other thing over her

most probably they would never be the way they were.

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Play of the day

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