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Play of the day

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A woman is to be worshipped


She is not for a one night stand

nor any other stand that only happens by night

she is not for pleasing your lowest passions and urges

nor she is there to please you in any other way.

A woman is to be worshipped.

She is to be appreciated for every single effort she does:

to make food, clean, or just to do the make up;

she is to be worshiped for being elegant

and for making a house “home”

and for doing whatever she does to make a living

and for paying attention to things a man would never know exist

and for obsessively talking on emotions

as a reminder we have to relearn how to feel.

A woman is to be worshipped

as a work of art

or even as art itself.

It is how it’s supposed to be,

while women are convinced it is too much to ask for.

When worshipped, she will become

more of what is ever imagined.

It is the purpose of her creation, and not anything less than worship!

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Play of the day (off shore)

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She wasn’t someone to fall in love with!


There is no need of being too much attentive

an invisible wall stands in front as preventive.

Love has appeared to be only a weakness

within the years trying to invest in her uniqueness.


Strong women tend to speak out arguments and facts

and show of emotions no visible signs and tracks.

They carefully hide the wounds of their solitude

and focus on personal goals and dreams pursued.


She was all of above and much more until her defining

guilty as charged for her soul’s inner designing.

Finding true love or at least a suitable lover, was to her a myth

she wasn’t someone to fall in love with!


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Play of the day

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She no longer cared


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She has nothing that other women have

broken wing

There are women:

they get many kisses

before they are asked to get naked,

they get a lot of attention

just for a little laughter,

they get gifts

just to join for a dinner,

they get a happy ending

just for a night being naked,

and they might even lack passion!


She isn’t such woman!


She has no kisses

she gets no attention

she gets no gifts

she gets no happy endings.

She is laughing because she loves life

she sometimes pays the dinners

she gets naked because she wants not because she is requested

she doesn’t lack passion

she gets the -endings- out of the -happy endings- only!


She has nothing, by giving everything.

She is a different woman.

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A bitchy lesson


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A ghost in her room


Each night when she turns the lights down

she puts in her wardrobe her invisible crown

half dressed she sits on the left side of her bed

a zahir although always present, in an instance spreads.


It emerges when her scent is mixed with her sorrows

it turns into ghost questioning for her tomorrows

it scares her not, since it’s a shadow she already knows

it gives her in a way her daily attention doze.


A gentleman would care for a lady until her he gains

but the ghost wanted nothing, only to know her pains

he would float in the room until she wants to sleep

until she falls tired knowing a ghost all her secrets keeps.


And each morning as the dawn is approaching

not to give up and start again she is her self coaching

then she realises a ghost is only an imaginary friend

and a ghost have no firm body for our face all in tears to bend.

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