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All day long


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Ladies up!


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Be real


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The poetry of our lives


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The puzzle


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Story spoken with my heart

The only hidden something I ever had in life

Was in peace and love with him to dive.

And I found it in a room that saw me with heart

A room full of love and art.

Man and woman that were honest with each other

He was like brother she was like mother.

And yet she was a woman only

Now feeling very lonely.

A man that felt her once very strong

I searching a way to come along.

This is nothing but remembrance that we are real

And that a man and woman once made a deal.

The night still waiting for the poet to appear

He is running like an echo to erase all that fear.

A woman sitting in a house he once saw in dream

And many times after in a different rooms screams.

But in the mean time a brave woman appeared

And the sight of those around cleared.

And yet the loneliness was killing her slowly

She was only a woman she was holy.

And then a man once she felt approached his daughter

To be his wife he asked and will be no more slaughter!

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The truth comes up

There was a land many took things away from

And there was a woman who invented Google chrome.

She said to a man once felt her almost nothing

And he started slowly her conscience cutting.

The next day she knew nothing but fascination

And took out all her marks for quotation.

They started talking in a small room of a cry

He thought she was drunk she swallowed the first lie.

She though a musician cannot love a woman

Although her soul knew he was the true man.

It is a story hidden in verses

Each making their daily curses.

And on the way they saw familiar faces

Leaving behind of faith in love traces.

He went then to find her somewhere out

To ask her what was it really all about.

To stop writing for now she decided

To stay without him alone she could not divided.

With love she even make a world

And gave life to others and to the curled.

But she has now a man to go with

Holding her hands on a table with the fifth.

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Behind the scenes


There are dates in life to us matter

Such could be some four years ago and since then everything to be better.

There are stuff to us are never completely clear

But is doesn’t matter if we have some on the way who is to us dear.

There are questions questioning is there matter at all

But it could only be one answer as we are all part of a ball.

If we see a play on the scene we see only the story

But the life behind the curtain is what makes actors have the glory.

There are dates in life that marked a new beginning

There are people that to the new start a little later gave meaning.

Nothing accidentally crossed our life path even if we say other

All what we see is in a way our father, our mother.

And a true artist never shows his real role

Although he enjoys being part of a play or a funny ball.

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