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The word she didn’t know


Even though often one grabs the chance to say it
the thought of it made her mostly too early to quit
she didn’t know what tone it had when spoken
she have heard of it only when its parts are broken.

A warrior they say mostly runs alone
a warrior doesn’t want to be in any kind owned
a warrior runs first, she wasn’t born to follow
a warrior must learn his bitterness in loneliness to swallow.

Such warrior keeps his fear as a friend
such warrior has no right and time to bend
such warrior – she couldn’t anything else to be
such warrior may never know the sound of ‘we’.

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My poetry


My poetry

isn’t only verses,

nor some work of art

waiting for aplause…

My poetry

isn’t mostly rhymes

made to form a masterpiece

doomed to be subject of admiration

in the eyes of those

who haven’t lived as poets

not even for a moment…

My poetry is truth.

My poetry is me.

It does not make me more that you

but it certainly makes me enough for him,

the poet.

And so than I do have courage

to question:

‘Shell we dance?’

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Ladies up!


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The fight for the new tomorrow


Sometimes it starts with the red sunrise

sometimes we look only a way out of the crize

sometimes it begins at the very end of the day

when there is no one but us our tears to erase.

But each day, step by step while crawling

a loner strives to find her inner calling

with or without anyone around to give her hand

she does not let to break, only hardly to bend.

The new tommorow is not something we should wait

but a project depending on loners wiling to create

such leading a fight that never implies a war

such that opens the window when someone just closed the door.

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What heals?


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The book


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The poetry of our lives


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DSC06885 - Copy

And the observer finally takes no side
This is the time when the worlds collide.
Each one needs someone to ally
Hold your hands together and no one will die.
The side the observer takes is from above
As a pigeon flying to celebrate love.
Close your eyes and breath out the greed
You are human, you should not bleed.
We all carry pains deep inside us
Go to the bus station and get on the right bus (both literally and metaphorically).

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