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Only a woman


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Nothing but herself


Her ‘I’ had bent many times in the past

As flashes those ‘times’ in her head were going fast.

That day she realised her ‘I’ is all she has left

Caring only for herself was like doing a theft.


At times she tried to wake up the urge to feel

This time weren’t any feelings, nor any zahir.

She saw herself somehow cold from the outside

Not feeling anything anymore, to herself she did lied.


A tear had come to join her when walking home

She asked then herself: ‘Why all roads lead to Rome?’.

An answer wasn’t very hard to find

She thought a mass could go one way only if they are blind.


She didn’t belong to the crowd and she would never do

Her ‘I’ she knew won’t ever be joined by another ‘you’.

She has the luxury to choose her own road and protecting shelve

‘I will feel no more for a start’, she then swore to herself.

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Forward is the only way


A nuance of joy had the day gone by

and so she suffocated her daily cries.

But a joy in a day can be a mask only

it became her daily verb the word ‘lonely’.


A poet struggles while those keen on prose

to the dept of emotions are not even close.

Her search never ends it becomes only art

since she doesn’t have of the word ‘we’ all parts.


She keeps fighting watching her back

she becomes stronger, for help she doesn’t lack.

A warrior lives as other have only imagined

a warrior lives to become a legend.

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The word she didn’t know


Even though often one grabs the chance to say it
the thought of it made her mostly too early to quit
she didn’t know what tone it had when spoken
she have heard of it only when its parts are broken.

A warrior they say mostly runs alone
a warrior doesn’t want to be in any kind owned
a warrior runs first, she wasn’t born to follow
a warrior must learn his bitterness in loneliness to swallow.

Such warrior keeps his fear as a friend
such warrior has no right and time to bend
such warrior – she couldn’t anything else to be
such warrior may never know the sound of ‘we’.

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She has no such people


There are people, they know how

there are people, a word to them is a vow

there are people, they can stick to you in good and bad

there are people, always present, to know you they are glad.


There are people, on a picture you can see

they stand by you, somehow supportive they tend to be

they, when you are talking, are here with their whole

they are friends for real, not only playing a role.


There are such people, they accept for who you are

they are considered your friends even when they are far

they, those are blessing, who has them has much

but she, those people, she didn’t have such.


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The Raven’s comeback


The year was passing by

and she still stares outside the window each night

when each day ends she would ask herself:

“For what would I the next morning fight?”


And as she stood this evening on the street

with all her lust gone away

she looked the sky, the stars, the street lights

she searched in her heart will to pray.


She came home along the road alone

and searched in her room for some stroke of faith,

as she found nothing she looked outside the window scared

it was the Raven only, but for her Hope he held the keys of the gate.


The Raven only stared into her glowing

although hopeless, the Raven knew on the inside she is burning,

she wiped her tears and said: “I shouldn’t throw you away,

a man, I should have known, has his whole life for learning.”


The Raven stood on her shoulder

as in the darkness she started writing,

it seemed the bird was her only friend

while she was writing reasons for her next fighting.

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