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My passion


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What we are thought
youth is
it isn’t.
Youth is much more
than a smell of cinnamon
and taste of honey.
Youth is growth,
a leap,
leap of faith in dreams,
secret dance of lovers,
view on morning sighs…
Youth is to be alive.

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What heals?


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Be real


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Marking reality

tango lovers by connie chadwell

Your question mark requirement

Can I satisfy with metaphor

Or shall I just put in quotation marks

A simple “yes”

While my decency

Shouts negation

Of our urge to dance

The waltz of eternal lovers?!

Is there such play at all

Or the existence of those living it

Is stacked only in a night

Or verse

Or in a few glasses of wine

White wine

Or in the notes

Of a chanson

Which echoes through realms and parallels

Of two souls

Dying to dive

Into the complexity

Of each art form

Of their own senseless existence?!

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My way


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The art


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Intuition, mission and aim

P1884M-7684, P1884M-7688

All you see around have a different aim in life

Some to find treasure, some to be someone’s wife.

Men, women all want here or there

But in the hearts each one of us a hidden wish bears.

Villains and heroes are only a dream

We are all winners if we work as a team.

Let someone guide you by his intuition

Let the leadership to someone who has a good mission.

And on the way you will all have your aim completing

You will all have everything without competing.

Don’t take life as granted since it is a giving

Leave peace behind since we are each day leaving.

Real is something far more than we know

It is a shame something so sacred away to throw.

Give a hand and find your other half somewhere out

And then you can find out what is life all about.

Dedicated to those who believe in love…

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