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Here is an honest female writing


Since I started this blog, I had the same aim I had long ago, exactly when I was 12 years old. My research was then and now almost equal: to find the meaning of life, why do we live. In the last year of blogging, the more I tried to socialise, the more I was getting back to the prime urge of every female that becomes visible within the growth and the years: the need of male protection, such that is a kind of refugee from the home where a female child has grown up.

Unfortunately, no matter how much woman look like they are pretty on the outside, and think they are successfull, they are aware that 21 century looks more like a beauty competition, a grotesque of beauty dolls, which have only their genitals as weapon.

We have finally learned that all that man want is women, no matter if it is for a day, week or a lifetime, and for women it is clear that all they want is attention. What kind of women and what kind of attention they want is a matter of their past experiences, i.e. their family relations. All in all, all dreamers that tend to find the love of their life, are also in search of their private nest, where they could make their love flourish. The thing is, men and woman have different perspetive on love, but what matters is that love makes us live. That is why there is stil hunger, wars, poverty… People understand love only as a male-female relation. Such view on love creates unfortunately only egos that will consider the physical act of sex as highest form od giving love. Egos are never worried for the poverty, the world’s hunger etc. They anticipate such organisations only because they want to build a name, to become someone, not knowing that they are only dolls in the grotesque called society…

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My passion


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The mask of the new beginning


When the glitter of the summer morning

becomes lonely

the – Missing thing – comes by

to tickle the wounds of our past

lifting us up

towards the dawn

of the new beginnings

spiced with the truth

of our existance.

Karma then takes the main role

just as a roze with thorns

some smell the flower

others are victimes of the thorns.

Life is a funny ball

always was

always will be

and only true lovers

will learn the dance of its existance.

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Keep dancing


Lifting feet

of the floor,

loosing the self

into the on-the-toes-standing,

many seem happy

although only pretending.

A life’s dance

is much more than a sound,

a life’s dance

if freedom and absence of any bound.


when trying the on-the-toes-standing

do not fear happines,

only the pretending.

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What heals?


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Be real


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DSC06885 - Copy

And the observer finally takes no side
This is the time when the worlds collide.
Each one needs someone to ally
Hold your hands together and no one will die.
The side the observer takes is from above
As a pigeon flying to celebrate love.
Close your eyes and breath out the greed
You are human, you should not bleed.
We all carry pains deep inside us
Go to the bus station and get on the right bus (both literally and metaphorically).

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To non-artists


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