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The word she didn’t know


Even though often one grabs the chance to say it
the thought of it made her mostly too early to quit
she didn’t know what¬†tone it had when spoken
she have heard of it only when its parts are broken.

A warrior they say mostly runs alone
a warrior doesn’t want to be in any kind owned
a warrior runs first, she wasn’t born to follow
a warrior must learn his bitterness in loneliness to swallow.

Such warrior keeps his fear as a friend
such warrior has no right and time to bend
such warrior – she couldn’t anything else to be
such warrior may never know the sound of ‘we’.

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A poet is a warrior


She got stuck while trying to stay out of the riddle
Her wishes, her hopes, her everything is trapped there in the middle.
To speak out, or write down – she already told all the stories
Yet, she keeps it simple, no glamour, no riches, no glory.
Still, when a loner keeps pace on his road only with his traces left behind
To learn from his lessons, and trust no one he should have in mind.
Life is a hard road to take if you don’t have good shoes on
Once you allow yourself to think you have it all, it could all be gone.
She learned a lot, and yet she still has the will to fight
Only now, she is ready to conquer, she wants this time a bigger bite.
Roulette might be dangerous, but so as chess if you don’t know the rules
But a poet knows those thinking to know a lot are the biggest fools.

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Trust is like a mirror, you can’t fix it if it’s broken!


She putted too much effort in keeping her one and only face

And although restless she fought, she had to give up the race.

People walk around talking about others, caring for things

She sees only self destructive minds, while she the warning alarm rings.

And than she remembered real warriors always get their time to rest

To take care for their needs, since their soul already too long fests.

She took a mirror, set by the window with her coffee and a piece of paper

She saw her reflection and remembered all disappointments that many times raped her.

She looked back for a while and tried to hold on to a name worth enough

She only saw herself walking the road, and no one to hold her in the arms tough.

A warrior gets a title in the end, he becomes hero, but he may be without a friend

And battles have only thought him, a real winner knows when the head not to bend.


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All day long


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Keep dancing


Lifting feet

of the floor,

loosing the self

into the on-the-toes-standing,

many seem happy

although only pretending.

A life’s dance

is much more than a sound,

a life’s dance

if freedom and absence of any bound.


when trying the on-the-toes-standing

do not fear happines,

only the pretending.

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Rules learned in life


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Being aware


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DSC06885 - Copy

And the observer finally takes no side
This is the time when the worlds collide.
Each one needs someone to ally
Hold your hands together and no one will die.
The side the observer takes is from above
As a pigeon flying to celebrate love.
Close your eyes and breath out the greed
You are human, you should not bleed.
We all carry pains deep inside us
Go to the bus station and get on the right bus (both literally and metaphorically).

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The -can- factor


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It is not a fight until you fight alone

It is not a fight until you fight already blown

It is not a fight if you have support

It is not a fight if you wait for someone in court.

Demons one can have in the heads are only bugs

Demons are bigger in deficiency of hugs

Demons can try to steal your soul

Demons will then in their own grave fall.

True winner fights with pure heart

True winner has back up plans again to start

True winner never plays games behind closed door

True winner knows when not to ask for more.

Stand for the one whose eyes seemed at least for once real

Stand for that one until you still have time to make a deal.

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