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What does parenting actually means?!

“To be or act as a mother or father to someone” – I have just goggled it.

A simple definition with a very strong meaning. A human being is not only a biological organism with brain and nerve system comprised to do certain actions. As a being, the mother nature has blessed it with the ability to communicate, to feel, to create, to be intelligent, to be compassionate, the mother nature has given to all human beings the potential for empathy!

As the society has begun to create its members, a human organism has become a victim of ‘turn living things into machines’ agenda. And so the communication becomes the basis for businesses, creativity – the potential that could be used for destroying mother nature, intelligence – a tool for manipulation, and the abilities to feel, to be compassionate and an empath have become unknown to the human race.

The truth is: each one of us bares the child inside himself / herself. But, regardless the age, a human bares the abilities to feel, be compassionate, an empath, a kind of obligation to take care. And it is what a parent is! The family as we know is nothing but another institution society wants us to be stuck in. But as one has the Honor to become parent, it is thought to be a Title! Guess what? It isn’t! It is only that you have an honor to act that role in your life. You have never stopped being a child. A proof: looking at a child as something to take care for, just as a child takes care of his own toys.

Children are the world’s future. They just want to make the world better place for their parents’ grandchildren! And so it should be. And a teacher, a mentor points teaches about the directions. A mentor never dares to make the choice for a student.

A wise teacher, learns from his pupils…

No offense, but children also have the need to care and act as parents, even though they don’t have the Title (or they don’t need it).

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The -can- factor


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Most have no clue, no idea

Of the things they should be doing here.

Most don’t think, don’t even care

If as they do is right, if it’s fair.

But I have a different approach

Since the life of loner is my dedicated coach.

Empathy, patience and for each one compassion

I am a life-lover living for a purpose with passion.

Some put traps, some want me to crumble

I am too strong to fall apart, although I may stumble.

Now I know who I am, I discovered and I am sure

Others need more than me for their souls a cure.

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