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The truth comes up

There was a land many took things away from

And there was a woman who invented Google chrome.

She said to a man once felt her almost nothing

And he started slowly her conscience cutting.

The next day she knew nothing but fascination

And took out all her marks for quotation.

They started talking in a small room of a cry

He thought she was drunk she swallowed the first lie.

She though a musician cannot love a woman

Although her soul knew he was the true man.

It is a story hidden in verses

Each making their daily curses.

And on the way they saw familiar faces

Leaving behind of faith in love traces.

He went then to find her somewhere out

To ask her what was it really all about.

To stop writing for now she decided

To stay without him alone she could not divided.

With love she even make a world

And gave life to others and to the curled.

But she has now a man to go with

Holding her hands on a table with the fifth.

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Daily quote


Emotions are only guests trying to overwhelm our being.

We are not sad, sadness is just passing by. Excitement is not happiness.

Being aware makes us see all with the eyes of the objective observer.

And we may not feel such unaware excitement anymore, but the constant ecstasy of our inner balance and awareness is not comparable with any emotion that has the intention to occupy our being. It may not be even called ecstasy. But it is constant, and it is awareness.

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