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Forward is the only way


A nuance of joy had the day gone by

and so she suffocated her daily cries.

But a joy in a day can be a mask only

it became her daily verb the word ‘lonely’.


A poet struggles while those keen on prose

to the dept of emotions are not even close.

Her search never ends it becomes only art

since she doesn’t have of the word ‘we’ all parts.


She keeps fighting watching her back

she becomes stronger, for help she doesn’t lack.

A warrior lives as other have only imagined

a warrior lives to become a legend.

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The fight for the new tomorrow


Sometimes it starts with the red sunrise

sometimes we look only a way out of the crize

sometimes it begins at the very end of the day

when there is no one but us our tears to erase.

But each day, step by step while crawling

a loner strives to find her inner calling

with or without anyone around to give her hand

she does not let to break, only hardly to bend.

The new tommorow is not something we should wait

but a project depending on loners wiling to create

such leading a fight that never implies a war

such that opens the window when someone just closed the door.

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Night (e)motions


While the intensity of the night shadows

Penetrates through the universal emptiness

A feeling prevails

A feeling undefinable

A feeling unnamed

And yet

A feeling crucial to survive the night.

It requires a name

It requires a story

It requires a memory to be made

In the very present moment

And yet

The moment not to end.


Only dark night

And soundless motion

Of a rotten existence…

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