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Letting go…


As the caravan was slowly passing by

There was the sand, the desert and the sky

The wind putting some sand dunes in front of her

And paradoxically her view was no more blurred.

Sadness wasn’t only guest cuddling her naked soul

Sadness came to say good bye as the wind slowly blows

There was the desert only and yet she found herself there in the middle

There were no more questions, she was the missing nothing in the riddle.

The breading became calm, the mind empty, and it was quiet

It was the last battle and the end of the daily riot

And yet it is only the art of letting go

The art of loving in the way wind effortlessly blows.

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The art of love


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Why don’t you fight?

I could say thousands of bad words

To show you are only part of the herd

But I feel rather with you and I am giving you hand

For me is not an issue, I am stable even as I bend.

Don’t you feel some anger coming from within

Isn’t your tolerance border getting somehow thin

Don’t you have the urge to raise your voice against your tears

Don’t you find the will to fight against your deepest fears?

You are not he, she or they

And yet you are one each moment, each day

Put yourself aside and only observe

We are only living vibrancy, could be round or curve.

But once you feel stucked into your own brain cells

And your lifetime story becomes created by someone else

Find some will and raise from the ashes

Start fighting and you’ll see the light flashes!

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Who is the winner


They thought to be the winners

Although they thought us about the story of sinners.

They were using each time, each day much power

We were kind and beautiful, we were like flowers.

They were few, hidden somewhere on top

We were many, here, there, on each bus stop.

They became loud and made us act

We were overcoming fear, and freedom was already a fact.

In the end there are no winners, no losers

All get to the point they choose before their cruises.

They are losers by not finding that out

We are winners since in love we have no doubt.

She had too much power to handle it alone

But she knew the next steps because she a lot has grown.

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Her search


She looked for a figure all around

To erase the shadows and all her wounds.

She found only few admirers

Infected by ‘cheap beauty’ viruses.

The – what she wanted – was long time dead

It rested between the pages she wrote or read.

Even seeing in the eyes of an old soul she remembered

Made her question of her ‘maktub’, although she trembled.

And so in a way trying to overcome by denying fear

His shadow so latent became her eternal zahir.

There was no need of any further glitter

Since she touched the essence, she understood the ether.

And though the pride or fear of the modern time existed

It was the biggest shift, since she many times twisted.

Now and never were either way an illusion

Splashed in her verses, love was her eternal fusion.

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Our fear


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