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Fresh new start


Trying to share a smile
Make someone laugh for a while
Trying to share her joy
Made her only someone’s sarcasm toy.
Trying and trying she started dying
Dying to feel she lives for her own too
And she tried this time to stop her soul’s crying
And started waiting for the one to come out of the blue.
Looking back is not her favorite thing
But sometimes to the past man have to give a ring
So she tried an old trick and never drank depressive wine
She started believing once she saw that sign. 
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Desert flower

She gave it all, she did as much as she could
If she was only noticed, to give further she would.
But no eyes were looking, she was unseen
The world to her was somehow too meаn.
And she dropped a tear coming from her right eye
For her fight that was the last try.
She was no more herself, she had no power
It came to an end the beauty of the desert flower.
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The meaning (of appreciation)


It may be one singe glance
It might be a hand asking for dance.
It is often a hand holding a flower
Sometimes a hug and silence for an hour.
If we have five such we look for another
While some would have those five rather.
And there are those who don’t have it at all
They don’t have who to catch them if they fall.
And so they learn they need a strong back
And not to cry in case they feel such lack.
Those are people often no one knows about
In love’s power they are the ones that never doubt.
If they only could they would hug the world itself
While living hidden in their own closed shell.
But sometimes they struggle in the darkness of the night
They are loosing battles, while with loneliness they fight.
And each morning with fake smile on the face
They start again life’s cruel race.
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The single cup of coffee

cup of coffee with cream and cinnamon

A single cup of coffee on the table

And ‘single’ lately is referred as a label.

They say coffee is to have it in pair

But to some life isn’t just fair.

And so they took a larger cup to drink

To drown the wishes they wish while they think.

But so they learn to enjoy with themselves

And past lovers become trophies on the shelves.

Then they realize love is much more than that

Much more than all the people we’ve met.

And so they learn to enjoy the coffee by themselves

While the trophies are just memories on the shelves.

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The safe game…


It has the taste of expensive Chardonnay in the colors of late autumn

So one can take only one glass, one single glass that is not even full enough

And it is rather classy than tasteful

And not many can do it as it should be done

And it is dangerous

But it is like Tango 

It takes Two to dance!

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