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New beginning

You may make eternally what you want

But within all is what is saint

Your calling in your life you should haunt

It is wrong what was previously meant.

Listen to your heart, look into your soul

This is not anymore a funny ball.

Be nice to you as some unknown sage tries to remain

I don’t want sorrows not even in the eyes of Elaine.

Go to the one in which eyes you saw goodness

Since she had 1% faith left and a heart to bless.

Wars were enough accept one is different

Although in each of you shines that bright referent.

She feels old and yet alone

Still hoping to see those known.

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Fresh new start


Trying to share a smile
Make someone laugh for a while
Trying to share her joy
Made her only someone’s sarcasm toy.
Trying and trying she started dying
Dying to feel she lives for her own too
And she tried this time to stop her soul’s crying
And started waiting for the one to come out of the blue.
Looking back is not her favorite thing
But sometimes to the past man have to give a ring
So she tried an old trick and never drank depressive wine
She started believing once she saw that sign. 
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Too many questions

Is it a punishment for the loner
To have no one, to have no owner?
Is it how the life should flow for a savior
To be a victim of others’ bad behavior?
How strong should one be these days
Should one show or hide the complete amount of craze?
Is it an obligation to strive for the balance in life
Or should we just be ready for fight by caring a knife?
What is life I asked myself too many times long ago
Since I know the answer, life became my foe!
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