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Letting go…


As the caravan was slowly passing by

There was the sand, the desert and the sky

The wind putting some sand dunes in front of her

And paradoxically her view was no more blurred.

Sadness wasn’t only guest cuddling her naked soul

Sadness came to say good bye as the wind slowly blows

There was the desert only and yet she found herself there in the middle

There were no more questions, she was the missing nothing in the riddle.

The breading became calm, the mind empty, and it was quiet

It was the last battle and the end of the daily riot

And yet it is only the art of letting go

The art of loving in the way wind effortlessly blows.

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The illusion of duality


What you are has no color or weight

But what you have is something others create.

Your mindset is what you need to figure out

And for your inner power you shell have no doubt.

The world is not black and white in base

Good and bad are only illusion in this case.

Here or there science proves is just now

Everything, still nothing around, but we don’t know how.

You are not this, nor that, you are unique

Yesterday is now and has never been, so as this very week.

The world of shape and color is only an illusion

Each moment is personal choice of our inner balanced fusion.

And the moment before is also not, but it was now and never will be

To observe only without judgement is the ultimate key.

Accept the fact you have been played, but it is only a game

Winner or looser, it is anyway equal, get out of the frame.

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