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A bitchy lesson


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Is that a dead end?


Long lost she found herself then

She saw herself nowhere but in a dead end.

She, but, decides to write a long story

Narrating in verses, not thinking of glory.

She saw people calling knowledge a title

Ignoring the purpose, the how, the love as vital.

She thought she could not make it alone in this dead end

Although she called it selfish, she needed the friend.

But in so many steps forward or rather said deep

She took one step back by trying to creep.

She said though her needs are so ruthless

Her love was not in any kind truth-less.

And so she tried to play with the storm

Until she achieves a better form.

In life, she learned, there are roads we walk alone

To learn things better, secrets less known.

And so she learned that words are the very how

We make the history of our past and future now.

Although she feared of the fear seemed to be already gone

It was a never ending question of battle lost or battle wan.

She was still struggling each night in the dark

Struggling by reaching each night a spark.

And so she knows it is not others but the how

That make the halves here although absent in the now.

And when both are on the very way to thrive

They can wait until both even more dive.

And a story can be infinite even now and then

But it stops to be written as soon as comes the when.

Until then each has a garden to grow

Hiding behind a well played show.


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The mind

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