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Life goals


When the autumn dresses the favourite yellow clothing

her thoughts start somehow in her head floating;

to complete here life goals she never gave up

she was thinking about them over every coffee cup.


Life tests the will of a man now and then

either nothing happens or all of a sudden,

but one thing one should carry always with him

it’s to believe in miracles and coming true of a dreams.

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About hope


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When the wishes come true



She went on and on hoping for things to come along

she was thinking for putting efforts she is no more strong

yet when a woman learns to trust herself again

she gets it is up to her if she will lose or gain.

A wish is an empty page only waiting to be written

when there is no real intention your desires to sweaten

one needs first with the thoughts to come out of the blue

because than is when the wishes might for real come true.

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True strength


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Creating happiness

Capture 3

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Her depth


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When life hits us, we rise or we fall


There is a medicine people often forget to use

it is a spice that defines if a man will win or loose.

She fought many times to keep her soul alive

this medicine have proved the certain way to thrive.


When the body gets hits we may only get a mark

but if our soul is suffering, we might forever stay in dark.

And then here is the will to lift us up when we fall

to nurture the fire is the key even when it is small.


And when there are no other helping hands around

don’t give yourself to silence, but try to hear how you sound.

One must find him being for himself worthy enough

when one masters himself is he in front of others tough.

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She was cursed


A year ago she had still faith true love would come by

A year after she had still no love, but only the every-night cries

And she was still drinking that depressive wine

Being drunk in aloneness, she was giving herself the proper fine.


“The last reincarnation of my soul is on its way” – she was certain,

“my theater play will then end, it is the last time to be up my curtain.

I did what  I could, having my soul on mission, riding to leave traces behind,

I won’t come never again, they are and always will be only blind.”


This time she thought as for last she would more receive than give

This time she thought for herself more she would live

This time she thought true love would step by and stay longer

This time she thought to be weaker, and she had to choose to be stronger.


“On Earth”, she said, “this is my last reincarnation’s expedition,

I have done what I could to fulfill my soul’s mission.”

And yet even as for last, her love story wasn’t in the Universe’s plans

“I am cursed”, she said, “the last cycle was only existence in trans.”

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Forward is the only way


A nuance of joy had the day gone by

and so she suffocated her daily cries.

But a joy in a day can be a mask only

it became her daily verb the word ‘lonely’.


A poet struggles while those keen on prose

to the dept of emotions are not even close.

Her search never ends it becomes only art

since she doesn’t have of the word ‘we’ all parts.


She keeps fighting watching her back

she becomes stronger, for help she doesn’t lack.

A warrior lives as other have only imagined

a warrior lives to become a legend.

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The word she didn’t know


Even though often one grabs the chance to say it
the thought of it made her mostly too early to quit
she didn’t know what tone it had when spoken
she have heard of it only when its parts are broken.

A warrior they say mostly runs alone
a warrior doesn’t want to be in any kind owned
a warrior runs first, she wasn’t born to follow
a warrior must learn his bitterness in loneliness to swallow.

Such warrior keeps his fear as a friend
such warrior has no right and time to bend
such warrior – she couldn’t anything else to be
such warrior may never know the sound of ‘we’.

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