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She is about to lighten up her passions

woman writer

A soul on fire can occasionally stop burning just to get a rest

so, one could use the time the soul is on time out, as a personality test.

A passion is just a wish without having particular aim

a breakthrough came to her: she realized what is the role of the fame!

Every passion she guessed has certain stages to pass through

most of them she had successfully passed already, she knew.

But isn’t an artist’s duty to put fame and riches a question mark

since his artistic soul could see them only as arts of the dark?

Yet her mind have given her reasonable explanations

so, she started getting the story of selling the artist’s creations.

Her trip to becoming a writer has continued a while ago

it was all matter of she chosing to be her own friend over her own foe.



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Forward is the only way


A nuance of joy had the day gone by

and so she suffocated her daily cries.

But a joy in a day can be a mask only

it became her daily verb the word ‘lonely’.


A poet struggles while those keen on prose

to the dept of emotions are not even close.

Her search never ends it becomes only art

since she doesn’t have of the word ‘we’ all parts.


She keeps fighting watching her back

she becomes stronger, for help she doesn’t lack.

A warrior lives as other have only imagined

a warrior lives to become a legend.

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A ghost in her room


Each night when she turns the lights down

she puts in her wardrobe her invisible crown

half dressed she sits on the left side of her bed

a zahir although always present, in an instance spreads.


It emerges when her scent is mixed with her sorrows

it turns into ghost questioning for her tomorrows

it scares her not, since it’s a shadow she already knows

it gives her in a way her daily attention doze.


A gentleman would care for a lady until her he gains

but the ghost wanted nothing, only to know her pains

he would float in the room until she wants to sleep

until she falls tired knowing a ghost all her secrets keeps.


And each morning as the dawn is approaching

not to give up and start again she is her self coaching

then she realises a ghost is only an imaginary friend

and a ghost have no firm body for our face all in tears to bend.

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The Raven’s comeback


The year was passing by

and she still stares outside the window each night

when each day ends she would ask herself:

“For what would I the next morning fight?”


And as she stood this evening on the street

with all her lust gone away

she looked the sky, the stars, the street lights

she searched in her heart will to pray.


She came home along the road alone

and searched in her room for some stroke of faith,

as she found nothing she looked outside the window scared

it was the Raven only, but for her Hope he held the keys of the gate.


The Raven only stared into her glowing

although hopeless, the Raven knew on the inside she is burning,

she wiped her tears and said: “I shouldn’t throw you away,

a man, I should have known, has his whole life for learning.”


The Raven stood on her shoulder

as in the darkness she started writing,

it seemed the bird was her only friend

while she was writing reasons for her next fighting.

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Play of the day

I may be numberless, I may be innocent
I may know many things, I may be ignorant
Or I could ride with kings and conquer many lands
Or win this world at cards and let it slip my hands
I could be cannon food, destroyed a thousand times
Reborn as fortune’s child to judge another’s crimes
Or wear this pilgrim’s cloak, or be a common thief
I’ve kept this single faith, I have but one belief

I still love you
I still want you
A thousand times the mysteries unfold themselves
Like galaxies in my head
On and on the mysteries unwind themselves
Eternities still unsaid
‘Til you love me

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Fresh new start


Trying to share a smile
Make someone laugh for a while
Trying to share her joy
Made her only someone’s sarcasm toy.
Trying and trying she started dying
Dying to feel she lives for her own too
And she tried this time to stop her soul’s crying
And started waiting for the one to come out of the blue.
Looking back is not her favorite thing
But sometimes to the past man have to give a ring
So she tried an old trick and never drank depressive wine
She started believing once she saw that sign. 
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Too many questions

Is it a punishment for the loner
To have no one, to have no owner?
Is it how the life should flow for a savior
To be a victim of others’ bad behavior?
How strong should one be these days
Should one show or hide the complete amount of craze?
Is it an obligation to strive for the balance in life
Or should we just be ready for fight by caring a knife?
What is life I asked myself too many times long ago
Since I know the answer, life became my foe!
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(Extra)ordinary people

There are people – ordinary one
There are some – comparable to none.
Those, the ordinary, stay only as such
They don’t really give the world much.
Those, the others, they can make change
While for the ordinary it is all so strange.
Those, the others, are not afraid to go
While for the ordinary they are always foes.
But don’t worry fellows, we care for you too
We can do it without you, although we are few.
World does need a change and new fresh start
Economy and politics are failing, next try is with art.
We don’t have to be painters, just to change our mind
We can also be scientist, or just aiming our calling to find.
And so the Earth will be again blue and green
And so the ordinary will become on art keen.
Never say never. Only if you say: never give up!
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Throw some fear, get some money

Is it human the empty darkness of the forest to fear
Each day after sunset to look around if there is someone near?
Is it how we are created, each shadow we see at night
to be the treat that weakens us and our will to start a fight?
Or is it maybe that They make it all up to rule
A project named “Rule by fearing the fool”?
And because every project has the profit as goal
This time for a little money we sell our soul.
But let me tell you something no one can oppose
Some may not accept it, but about it everyone knows!
Life’s wife Karma is such an incredible bitch
Especially when it comes to those bad and rich.
No individual has more power than the universe laws
If the sea seems calm they may only took a pause.
With the golden shovel one is digging his own grave
From the bottom of the calm see comes the unexpected wave.
As one came with the big bang boom
To the cycle of his acting is the one doomed.
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She wanted to say many things
To justify all the staff she gave
But I stopped her from spreading wings
Giving unconditionally more wounds in her engraved.
I said to her ‘just stop and slowly walk by
Nothing can be done, you did what you could
There is no such one worth your cry
But you did too much, although more you would.
Breathe deep and take a break
Just take care of your calling
To leave traces behind is something you should make
Do not let pull you down someone else’s falling.’
She made herself a cup of tea and started her journey…
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