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World’s truth


I was thinking if debt

Is a hidden meaning for death

Same as in fact all money

are to some only funny.

Is the paradox of our life

Every day in our hands as knife

Cutting off the reality we should live

By making us sleepy for money to strive?

We should step aside from the crowd for a while

And try to walk alone only a mile

And the price of a banknote to try to consider

And to discover the real intention of the bidder.

We are trapped here in our own cage

Where insane is thought to be every sage

Who speaks silent, or sometimes weird

Showing of nothing he is feared.

But as one said before the dawn of the new year

one is as universal law very clear:

Time is moving fast and the people are changed

But also there are such who change time so strange.

And the time is now…

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