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Different thinking


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She has no such people


There are people, they know how

there are people, a word to them is a vow

there are people, they can stick to you in good and bad

there are people, always present, to know you they are glad.


There are people, on a picture you can see

they stand by you, somehow supportive they tend to be

they, when you are talking, are here with their whole

they are friends for real, not only playing a role.


There are such people, they accept for who you are

they are considered your friends even when they are far

they, those are blessing, who has them has much

but she, those people, she didn’t have such.


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Redoing life


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Seize the day


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Damaged people


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Quiet people


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People’s value

ideas implmentation

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Why don’t you fight?

I could say thousands of bad words

To show you are only part of the herd

But I feel rather with you and I am giving you hand

For me is not an issue, I am stable even as I bend.

Don’t you feel some anger coming from within

Isn’t your tolerance border getting somehow thin

Don’t you have the urge to raise your voice against your tears

Don’t you find the will to fight against your deepest fears?

You are not he, she or they

And yet you are one each moment, each day

Put yourself aside and only observe

We are only living vibrancy, could be round or curve.

But once you feel stucked into your own brain cells

And your lifetime story becomes created by someone else

Find some will and raise from the ashes

Start fighting and you’ll see the light flashes!

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The people


I saw people working hard

To make the world a better yard

I saw those being surprised

The lost values seeing true-seized.

And then I saw those taking control

Misunderstanding in love the human’s role

Those using others being naive

Keep them attached not letting them live.

It may sound as reality is truly harsh

Sadly in most hearts rests one marsh

Full of lost dreams, hopes covered in greed

Not having will to stand up and push those in lead.

But I saw people not too much talkative

People wiser than those being provocative

They erased my hope and I started to believe

Deep down each soul for the same aim strives.

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