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Reality escape


From time to time when you feel life is all the same

she wanted to be from some special one tamed;

She wanted to be held firm in that someone’s arms

to erase all her wounds, all her past harms.


But that special someone hasn’t yet arrived in her life

she was far from becoming someone’s wife;

So she tried to do an old trick that use to work for her

To dive in poetry and verses is the best solution for sure.

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A poem of the day – thank you for choosing me!


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Forward is the only way


A nuance of joy had the day gone by

and so she suffocated her daily cries.

But a joy in a day can be a mask only

it became her daily verb the word ‘lonely’.


A poet struggles while those keen on prose

to the dept of emotions are not even close.

Her search never ends it becomes only art

since she doesn’t have of the word ‘we’ all parts.


She keeps fighting watching her back

she becomes stronger, for help she doesn’t lack.

A warrior lives as other have only imagined

a warrior lives to become a legend.

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The search


It was long ago and it still is now

to find peace one wants to know how

to set aside all glitters of modern times

get stuck in poetry and medieval rhymes.

Peace is not a matter of how to do

it is something already present within you

just you may need to walk your own pilgrimage

and get the lessons on your own lonely voyage.

Loners know it is not an easy road to take,

but no easy road a warrior out of a man makes.

So if the path is all in glitter and easy to walk

go for your calling and don’t look back with fools to talk.

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My poetry


My poetry

isn’t only verses,

nor some work of art

waiting for aplause…

My poetry

isn’t mostly rhymes

made to form a masterpiece

doomed to be subject of admiration

in the eyes of those

who haven’t lived as poets

not even for a moment…

My poetry is truth.

My poetry is me.

It does not make me more that you

but it certainly makes me enough for him,

the poet.

And so than I do have courage

to question:

‘Shell we dance?’

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