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Play of the day

“…Eu no te quero

Eu digo que no te quero
E de noite
De noite sonho contigo…”


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Depression – get a way out


It is a state, psychological, state of mind, rather emotional, or state of our soul.

And yet, a state that makes you not to want to take the head away from the hole where you are keeping it. Not because if feels safer, but, because you don’t see a way out.

– Take this pill! – said a psychiatrist.

– You must take the pill! And find the will inside you to do something, to go to work, to go to school. Come on, you are a strong person! – said the parent.

And what a person drowning depressed it dealing with, is one single question: will I ever smile again, loud and honest?!

Fact no. 1: Depression is not a state of anything. It is just a guest that has settled in your body as temporary guest.

Fact no. 2: It will stay there as long as you let it to stay.

Long term solution after you have read and started to understand Fact no.1 and Fact no. 2: make only one single decision “I decide that I want to smile”. Don’t try to go to work, don’t try to go to school, don’t do what other people say.

BUT, keep on realizing what you have already decided.

How did I manage?

Easy: I used the technology! I joined funny web sites, I saw funny videos. And with the time, the brain (which is only a machinery) accepts your decision! Since a brain exists to do the staff you want, and not you to do the staff your brain wants. You are not the machine. Your brain is. And it does not need some fuel to work properly. It should only be given proper instructions. Give it the order to make your whole body smile. And you are happy. Or, at least you will think you are happy.

I don’t smile every day. But it is a long way to go until one learns to enjoy the tears as well. So, if depressed, make the decision. Don’t loose time.

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