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Love letter 2


My beloved one, I tend my mornings not to be empty although having┬áthe knowledge of your absence. I have to make a new concept of my mornings. And my evenings. And my entire life. Love isn’t only a feeling, nor a monthly letter, nor a madness only. Love has to be nurtured with presence. Our love is on the edge of being destroyed. I am sorry to writing you this on the first day of a new yearly cycle, but I question you: is there any sense to believe in the idea of our story, when I haven’t heard not even your name for so long?
My love is losing its sense while staying on this edge for so long, so I have decided that this is the last time I address any words to you.
Since I didn’t have the chance to love the presence of the man I thought you were, I will not stop dreaming of meeting someone whom will love to love my┬ápresence.
And my last request: please do not send me a response.

I beg you to forget me.


the one that loved you (past tense).

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Finding true love


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Bloody moon

BloodRed Moon

Before the red blood moon starts affecting

And each one not keen on moons gets his own shell for protecting

A story of creation has the need to be said

Since a bloody moon can have effects on those good and those bad.

But a story would be done if it is just spilled through words

A story is better left said throughout the songs of the birds.

And so it is, the art of creation is better left unsaid

Each one living the illusion of choice and earning his own bread.

And yet those who know a coin has two sides

They know there is truth where one side with another collides.

They may even feel benefit on their own

Only by not picking a side, by standing still like stone.

Truth can never be completely said or written

Truth is somewhere in between, and so it remains never bitten.

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