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For real women only


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She no longer cared


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Nothing but herself


Her ‘I’ had bent many times in the past

As flashes those ‘times’ in her head were going fast.

That day she realised her ‘I’ is all she has left

Caring only for herself was like doing a theft.


At times she tried to wake up the urge to feel

This time weren’t any feelings, nor any zahir.

She saw herself somehow cold from the outside

Not feeling anything anymore, to herself she did lied.


A tear had come to join her when walking home

She asked then herself: ‘Why all roads lead to Rome?’.

An answer wasn’t very hard to find

She thought a mass could go one way only if they are blind.


She didn’t belong to the crowd and she would never do

Her ‘I’ she knew won’t ever be joined by another ‘you’.

She has the luxury to choose her own road and protecting shelve

‘I will feel no more for a start’, she then swore to herself.

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