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She was good no more


Her Self has finally become her own best friend

she had no more time further to bend;

and there they were still, those who always pulled her back

of her further goals and dreams they couldn’t keep anymore track.


Now a mask she puts on her face in front of another

to her true Self and the new ‘she’ no one to dare to bother,

she wasn’t evil in any sense of the word

but she was a wolf with a mask of a sheep in a herd.


And for the first time in her life she knew for sure

self love is for a loner the strongest cure,

and she dares to wish to get everything she deserves

to others she decided she would no more serve.

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Licking the bottom


When the farce of the known reality

Becomes visible

When that realization

Slowly infiltrates in the bone marrow of our own quantum existence

To us life ends

Life as we have known shall never come back.

Struggle then has a different aim

It’s goal is merely subjective

Without striving

To touch the heights of success.

Struggle then has the individual as purpose

Without pointing to an object

Without reaching stars

Struggle leads

To the peeling of our own skin

Allowing us

To turn into butterflies.

How long

Will it take

Is the pain only the bravest to overcome make…

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