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Marking reality

tango lovers by connie chadwell

Your question mark requirement

Can I satisfy with metaphor

Or shall I just put in quotation marks

A simple “yes”

While my decency

Shouts negation

Of our urge to dance

The waltz of eternal lovers?!

Is there such play at all

Or the existence of those living it

Is stacked only in a night

Or verse

Or in a few glasses of wine

White wine

Or in the notes

Of a chanson

Which echoes through realms and parallels

Of two souls

Dying to dive

Into the complexity

Of each art form

Of their own senseless existence?!

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In defense of men


I see women waiting to be married

By a man in their lives to be carried.

Indeed they only have their empty souls

Or their outer beauty filled with inner dark holes.

And as thief in the night stealing treasure

They seek for attachment by giving short pleasure.

And a male just needs her somehow to join

It is in nature to have two sides one single coin.

But women need to have different approach

They had until now very bad life coach.

If they seek for some changes in their souls they should take a look

Not fear from themselves and avoid skipping chapters of their own book.

Many may feel oppressed and point in males the guilt

But the question is in the love war who will play the tango to the hilt?!

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