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New beginning

You may make eternally what you want

But within all is what is saint

Your calling in your life you should haunt

It is wrong what was previously meant.

Listen to your heart, look into your soul

This is not anymore a funny ball.

Be nice to you as some unknown sage tries to remain

I don’t want sorrows not even in the eyes of Elaine.

Go to the one in which eyes you saw goodness

Since she had 1% faith left and a heart to bless.

Wars were enough accept one is different

Although in each of you shines that bright referent.

She feels old and yet alone

Still hoping to see those known.

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Stop seeding sadness


Hatred is a word so cheap to use it in order to express emotions. I would rather say: It is so sad to hear people buying cheap love, and thus read such writings, loves in which it is all about being victim, loves in which our not fulfilled again cheap desires mean unhappiness, loves that require definition, loves based on condition, loves built upon too many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, loves that cry because of ‘not having’ or ‘not happening’. Even more sad is when she or him, most often she, puts it on a paper and people pay for even more sadness, not taking into consideration the permanent effects that such bullshit of literature can make to a human’s ability to love (for real). Sinking in the tricky game of the words narrating a sad love story (which cannot be) we become self-destructive. A love story cannot be. It can be a story about love. Happy, sad.. does it matter? Or it should only be filled with love?
Enough of your poisonous cheap sad love stories that require possession, oppression and selection. Love is not about you or me. Love is about him or she, or they. Life is about you. You, my dear storyteller have mixed it up! Happiness is within you, and so do sadness, and they have nothing to do with the love that flows towards him or she, from you. In fact they have, but not like: I am happy ‘IF’ he / she loves me, but I am happy, I love, and I am even more happy, I love him or she – without any ‘because’ or ‘if’ or ‘but’ -unconditionally.

My dear so called writer,

you may be angry, but please, please re-consider your doings, and not because of the others, but you. This is your life. Start living to start loving.


the one that is not understood because of you.

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