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She is on the right way


Although all seemed right in the years of the near past

she was hardly seeing any happiness as if a curse someone has cast.

It takes a lot of effort to get off the floor when lying all alone

when to having fate in something else but yourself you are not prone.

And in such times a normal human would look up in the hands of his own

he would merge them for a prayer and pray some god on imaginary throne.

She looked up in her hands as well, but she prayed not even a bit

she only promised to her to lift herself up and still not quit.

In times of crowds walking by, needing her to fit in

she was getting determined in her way all fights to win.

It has been quite a time passed, she stands now on her legs still

although sometimes an insignificant fear teases her will.

Yet she walks the road she is making on her own

and this time she does it much more grown.

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Just a thought

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A kind of love


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Walk on the wild side


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Your morning coffee


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My way


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