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Women’s issue


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Men and Women


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In defense of men


I see women waiting to be married

By a man in their lives to be carried.

Indeed they only have their empty souls

Or their outer beauty filled with inner dark holes.

And as thief in the night stealing treasure

They seek for attachment by giving short pleasure.

And a male just needs her somehow to join

It is in nature to have two sides one single coin.

But women need to have different approach

They had until now very bad life coach.

If they seek for some changes in their souls they should take a look

Not fear from themselves and avoid skipping chapters of their own book.

Many may feel oppressed and point in males the guilt

But the question is in the love war who will play the tango to the hilt?!

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Protection of the self (to women)


Even when she gives the smile

And the helping hand in needed distance

Some either took wrong her style

Or they want out lout her strong resistance.

How should one behave

To stay polite, but still save?

How should a beautiful woman look like

At least for a moment man’s hormones to go on strike?

Women are not as objects to be seen

They don’t need equality, they have different genes

But for that they are not to be treated like clowns

Even when “treated” itself humiliating sounds.

Raise your voice face the fears

Transform into power your daily tears.

Discover what you have on your inner side

Not to destroy, but Transforming to glide.

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