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Nothing but a zahir


‘I’ dopps the ego out,

only the quotation marks are left

and an empty space in between.

‘You’ loses its meaning

and you still manifest your unseen presence.

My ‘I’ touches you

my ‘I’ smells you

my ‘I’ feels your heat

my ‘I’ smiles at your ‘you’.

You are here and your body isn’t a defined figure yet.

Your breath is part of my breathing.

I am a breathing only

I am my senses only

I am not a firm body.

A zahir cannot be rhymed in poetry

A zahir cannot even be explained

A zahir can only take you to the edge

and make you question about the meaning of your existence.

So many verses:



and yet a zahir only.

No, my existence doesn’t make sense,

nor my madness is safe anymore.

Cowards, my beloved one,

never make their own nest!


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A ghost in her room


Each night when she turns the lights down

she puts in her wardrobe her invisible crown

half dressed she sits on the left side of her bed

a zahir although always present, in an instance spreads.


It emerges when her scent is mixed with her sorrows

it turns into ghost questioning for her tomorrows

it scares her not, since it’s a shadow she already knows

it gives her in a way her daily attention doze.


A gentleman would care for a lady until her he gains

but the ghost wanted nothing, only to know her pains

he would float in the room until she wants to sleep

until she falls tired knowing a ghost all her secrets keeps.


And each morning as the dawn is approaching

not to give up and start again she is her self coaching

then she realises a ghost is only an imaginary friend

and a ghost have no firm body for our face all in tears to bend.

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Her search


She looked for a figure all around

To erase the shadows and all her wounds.

She found only few admirers

Infected by ‘cheap beauty’ viruses.

The – what she wanted – was long time dead

It rested between the pages she wrote or read.

Even seeing in the eyes of an old soul she remembered

Made her question of her ‘maktub’, although she trembled.

And so in a way trying to overcome by denying fear

His shadow so latent became her eternal zahir.

There was no need of any further glitter

Since she touched the essence, she understood the ether.

And though the pride or fear of the modern time existed

It was the biggest shift, since she many times twisted.

Now and never were either way an illusion

Splashed in her verses, love was her eternal fusion.

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The power of a metaphor


She started her journey years ago

While she was a child ready to grow.

Feeling one, unique and lost

She needed to take all the costs.

Pretending, acting, hiding and smiling

The searchings of her soul she started filing.

A blank page was each day her best friend

Trying not to end up lonely in a dead end.

And then she had a shift or two

By trying to get to the final clue.

And therefore she had to start again

To the others to look much more sane.

They weren’t battles anymore, it was war

It was fight that opened the self-realisation door.

She learned she was not alone out there high

There were people who needed her, people to ally.

And so she decided to accept the game of the big

Pretending to be of the world’s tree a twig.

No one knew she already made her own roots

Hidden behind the chic look of her expensive boots.

No one knew she became truly unbreakable

The wounds of the war made her unshakable.

And there she was on the right path walking

Behind her wrong choices was her Freeing stalking.

And once she decided to stop for a while

When her calling asked her to walk one more mile.

There she saw nothing but a glance of a steer

And in the next moment was nothing but a zahir.

She, by then, without a doubt

Had no reason further to shout.

She had nothing and yet everything she needs

She found a garden to plant her seeds.

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